Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finally a Little Movement

This morning the scale provided me with a little gem..210.  I will take it.  This round is much more difficult than the first time.  It feels like each victory is so long in the making.

The newness of the medication is wearing off.  I am still having the forgetful issues but felt a whole lot less jittery yesterday and slept in until 8:55!  I was of course supposed to be with the trainer at 9.  I dashed out of bed and thankfully we met in the park across the street so I was just a few minutes late. I was not the chipper person I was on Wed.  but Martin made me jog! and do all sorts of painful things.  I managed almost half way around.  Given that I have never been a runner this was a bit of a victory for me.

After the workout I had a meeting with my store bookkeeper (I love her!  I am not an organized person and she is getting me in line).  We went over the books.  I grabbed some missing statements and invoices and then she, Grace and I went to the bank and packed up a box of wholesale yarn to deliver to a local yarn store.  After that the three of us went to my favorite yarn store (well ok second favorite now as I have to like my own best).  We also checked out a bead store and had lunch at a local coffee/cafe that I like.

Since I own a yarn store I do not get out as much as i would like to other stores.  It was nice to see what other people had, how they laid out their stores and look at their kits and samples.

I was pretty hungry yesterday still-Breakfast was a bottle of water, mango orange smoothie (with no banana).  Have I ever said how much I HATE a banana in a smoothie?  Luch a chicken, gorgonzola and apple salad (I ate the chicken and a few bits of apple and one piece of lettuce).  I had 1/3 of a ginger molasses cookie.  I had an evening group in the shop so I had 1/2 a glass of wine, 4 chocolate covered almonds, and 1/2 cup of rice pudding after I was finished then bed.

Hand hurt more than usual today.  Not enough to take an Alieve but they ached most of the afternoon.    I have been too busy to knit so not much of that has been happening.

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Amanda Kiska said...

I hate bananas in things too.

Yeah for some weight loss!

I'm glad these new meds are helping you get back on track.

Trainers are evil. :)