Wednesday, February 11, 2015

At 213 and holding but not with my hands!

My new burst of weightloss-prompted by a new fill and a renewed strict avoidance of sugary coffee and baked good eating allowed me to lose to 213 and come to stop.  My nurse practitioner is no out on maternity leave and although she told me to make another appointment before I left her staff minions refused.  They said they would call me and make one and of course they did not.  I am not sure I need another fill yet anyway.   The restriction is great.

 As I said last time I feel great in general.  This Estrogen is brilliant (naturally made by me with no additives) but alas I have now had two periods in a month and I worry that I am on a slippery slope back to where I was last summer.  I have yet another gynecologist recommendation but am going to hold off and see what happens a little longer because I feel good and I don't want to mess that up.

My hands are up and down still.  Painful and swollen by night and morning and usually fine all day.  The last two days a contemplated a little pain medicine around noon because the pain was lingering a little too long.  I held off and they eventually got better.  Today my rings are off because I could not get them on over my knuckle.

A new thing:  This morning I consulted with a personal trainer.  Perhaps increasing my fitness might help with the pain?  or at least the weightless right?  He is a small independent guy who works out of a garage near my house.  He has a pretty cool gym set up in the garage and then he takes people out for aerobic stuff-like walking, running etc.  I am trying him out for 6 weeks-two hours per week.  It will be interesting to see what happens (good? bad? painful?? :)

I have a very romantic Valentines day planned :)  I will put up some photos perhaps on Sat.


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Beth Ann said...

I think fitness could help with generally feeling better for sure. It might not help with weight loss right away, but it does a body good. :)