Friday, August 2, 2013

It Is All About Eating Food

Well hit my up side the head with a 2x4 guess what?  When you drink your calories you don't lose weight!  When you drink your calories you gain weight.  Duh...but have I learned this enough to not do it.  Why of course not.

Today-More food down the hatch.  My precious frapp: (I had a free one and a girl can't pass up free can she?).  Shared an egg sandwhich with Grace (yes a splart of mayo).  I had the egg late so I wasn't hungry at lunch.  At 3:30 I had another Frapp.  and an oatmeal cookie (The Starbucks baked good suck now by the way..Bleh).  and then...way until 10pm I had a tiny tiny plate of nachos (8 chips, 1oz cheddar and one splart of sour cream).  Not a great day food-wise but there is more.......

Last night David made me go play Ingress (forever after this call the stupid game as we do around the house).  We did this get a group of people together to mark portals (landmarks) in our team colors and make them all at a high level.  Anyway..the point is.  This involved bucket loads of walking.  MIles and miles of walking.

The scale this morning in payment for my good behavior was...down to 179.0  I have been rolling as high as 184 and dipping to just above 180 for about a year now.  This 179.0 is grand.  I like this new tighter band and my better behaved self.  Fingers crossed I can keep it up!!  I want to see 170 again.

view from my buggy windshield.  Driving along the Columbia River Gorge into the sun.