Thursday, August 8, 2013

Little By Little...Step by Step

Its funny how the lessons one learns fade away at times and need to be relearned only to fade again.  My little quest to regain control of the scale is still on.  This weeks epiphany is...big changes kind of fail. Little ones changed progressively seem to work better (at least for me).

You all know abut my long and failed relationship saga with Starbucks.  My goal over the last week or so has been to back off not quit the coffee habit and increase the food related calories cause lets face it there have been days where most of my calories came from a stupid frappaccino.

so..Here is a reporting of a very (I think) successful weaning (not off just a step away mind you).

Last week I down-sized from two venti frapps a day to 2 grandes.  I did not feel any pain.  In fact the coincidental alignment with the return of my long lost period made it so I would have been too tight to drink something as big as a venti anyway.

Yesterday was round two of the cut backs.  The whipped cream on top is off the menu.  Now I have been very scared to look at the calories I have been ingesting ala Starbucks but is the time to compare.  OHHHHH MYYYYYY GGGGG (yes that was a real time search and reaction..eek)

I checked...Calories of old: 540
Grande with whip: 420
Grande without the whip: 290
Tall will by 230.

I just cut my calories in half from those things.  hanging my head in shame.  Coffee milkshake drinks are evil.  This weekend I am moving to tall in the morning and an orange drink in the afternoon.  A Trenta sized one of those drinks is just 170.

The result has been good.  My ticker is almost truthful again.  The scale hit as high as 182.  This morning I was 177.

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