Monday, August 5, 2013

The Good the Bad and Hormones

I thought I had finally found menopause.

I rather liked it.

Everyday the same mood-Not always great but not the highs and lows of myself pre-meno.  No pads, no worries that I would have embarrassing 'accident' on that heavy day.  Now worries that i would run out of pads at an inopportune moment.  No 'difficult laundry'.  No gauging what day should I stay home because of high volume 'flo'.

The downside however was that with no water gain I didn't have a tightening and loosening of my ban during the month.  I managed to get really good at judging, sliding and otherwise maximizing my calorie intake with the restriction in place.  With the ebb and flo of hormones I retain water in strange and mostly a pain-in-the-ass-like way.  boobs, swell, ankles swell, I get tense and irratable (who wouldn't sloshing around an extra 3-5 pounds of water).  Even post-band I noticed my belly bloats (in a crazy and noticeable way).

but...that restriction....

So I had 6 glorious months of menopause.  I like it mostly.  I didn't like the creeping scale.  Not all of my weight gain is due to menopause but some of it definitely is.  I have now had two months of fertility revisited-out of menopause and back to normal womanly monthlies.  Mostly this sucks.  but a my little and significant silver lining is the band tightening that water retention brings.

I am tight..and although the recent stuck episodes (I have had a few) and a meal or three where I had a drink and discovered dinner was not going to happen were pain in the arse.  I mostly consider this a silver lining.  Hello again 170's I hope to see all of you.  Especially if I have to put up with all of this other hormonal crap.

I feel like one of these right now...

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Beth Ann said...

Hormones are crazy things!