Sunday, August 4, 2013

Did I Really Say That?

Drinking...ahem the calories.  Today my favorite girl machine-the scale-presented me with 178 :) I do like-y.

Food: grande frapp.  for breakfast
Lunch: One cheese-y omelet ala David.
Mid Afternoon: one grande frapp.

One Pimms Cocktail.
one hot chocolate and rumpleminz.

Dinner: 1/3 burger, 4 fries.  (these got stuck and returned about half).

The drinks came before dinner as we had 40 minutes to wait until happy hour...I have no business eating food after 8pm...I did it anyway.

Drink much?  :(

It is midnight and my tummy still hurts.  Oh..the stupidity.  I wonder if tomorrow's scale will be so kind.

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Beth Ann said...

Darn those cocktails! But really, who can resist a Pimm's Cup?