Friday, October 19, 2012

I Am Feeling Failure

Despite the no drinking calories rule, Despite the Walking rule the scale isn't moving and I am getting impatient.  Today I call in for a visit to the fill-meister.  I am sure this is a common problem---but what to do?

I guess I need to go find the four years out group and have a chat with them?  Are any of you four years out?  Have you hit goal and then experienced the bounce back?  I know I am not that unusual so there has to be a bunch of us.

I do know that lapband high that I was on up until now was lovely but I have now hit the ground and hard.



adorkbl said...

Sorry you are struggling right now. I never hit goal but I did get down 100 and then went to la la land for awhile and regained before I got back on track.

If the mechanics of the band are working, then the reins maybe need to be pulled on harder for awhile. I think being so close to your goal weight makes it harder to see the results when reupping. Keep at it. You will see progress.

Robin said...

3.25 years here and struggling. Up 13 pounds and struggling. Seeing my doc in two weeks.

Lynda said...

I wish I knew what to say to help you. So sorry you're struggling. Hugs!

Sandy said...

Only 2.5 years out but now the realization that this is for life is real. You'll get there. Go see about a fill. It might shake your body up.

Sam said...

I have missed a few posts so just back read :p glad to see you are getting some mojo back, and try not let the scale get to you. That is the one thing that gets me when I try to get back on track, the scale not showing the hard work. I am sure it is our bodies tring to talk us into giving up and going back to the bad stuff we should not be having! Don't give in :o) you are doing great!!!

Justine said...

I so feel your pain.
I'm up 20-odd pounds from my lowest weight which I got to just before B00Bs 2011. However, I only got to that weight because my band was so tight I was eating almost nothing. Now my band is at a 'good' level but I can't seem to shift the weight. Catch-22?
There are several things I could do:
1) eat less crap
2) exercise more
3) neither of the above and be content at this weight, which is 64lbs less than when I was first banded.

Obviously what I really want is for those 20-odd pounds to drop off with no effort from me and then I'll be happy. Why is that not happening?!