Friday, October 12, 2012

Day one and all is well.

Yesterday was so awesome!!  Sure I wasn't perfect in everything but I really felt like I had some mojo back.  Life is funny and mojo is a pain in the arse when you don't have it.  I am glad that whatever the shopping and kick up the backside got moving stays for a while.

My daughter rousted me out of bed this morning and we went for a 4.5 mile walk in the rain!!!  I got home just in time to get changed and get the store open.  After I got the signs out my legs started itching like CRAZY!!  As far as I can tell it was because I had blood flow in my thighs for the first time in a while.  I was seriously an uncontrollable itch from hell.  At first I thought my new skirt (from the shopping trip that changed things) was the issue but it was really the walk.  I scratched away but now it seems fine.  My feet are still tingly though (in a good way).

I drank an entire bottle of water while on the walk and had a tall coffee (yup with calories) but won't have another today.  More water...just more calorie free drinks for this girl.  I ate breakfast and am still full but will have lunch in a while.

I do feel better already.  I am going to hold off on the scale for a week or so and get some distance and good behavior under my belt.


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speck said...

It sounds like you got your mojo back...4 and a half miles! You go girl!

I'm thinking the itching was due to shock from that 4.5 miles?! JK, JK