Monday, June 27, 2011


My hell week has launched.

I really enjoy teaching and we had a great time today in class but the week could not have been at a worse time.

We found a condo we love on Sunday and made an offer. David worked on the paperwork and bank stuff today.

We found out that David's passport is at least 4 weeks out despite our tickets that say departing on Saturday. We have to sit and wait until someone (from a black hole that we cannot call) will call us and let us know how we can go about getting an emergency passport. FYI-apparently paying more for an expedited passport has no impact on the speed your passport is processed. It is really just a UK government scam.

Worrying about all of this last night meant I didn't sleep very well and when I don't sleep and then spend the day on my feet I swell up. I bloated up so much today that I had to change into a pair of yoga pants when I got home because my skirt was digging into my waist (and this was a size 10 skirt not even an 8). I might have to crack out the water pills again.



Lonicera said...

Doesn't sound like much fun for you both... Has he not also got a US passport he could use? Hope the condo purchase comes through.

Lynda said...

fingers crossed for you (on both the condo and the passport)

Bunny said...


All will be fine I am sure though hun

happy thoughts for you and yours - ps: looking forward to meeting up. Let me know which day you wanna do it and I will cancel work - you know how I love it so much anyways!! LOL


Cece said...

Just became a follower. Will definately have to go back and read the entire blog (I'm having the LB on 7/21) ... hope you figured out the water pill issue !