Monday, June 20, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Man this spring has gone quickly and Summer is upon us. I am quickly getting ready to teach a workshop next week and then on Saturday we fly out (either Grace and I if David's passport is still absent or all three of us). I really do not feel much like seeing Iceland alone with Grace. anyhow...the rest is going to be listed as its sleeping time and I have a bunch of unrelated stuff to say:

1. My followers number has been rising of late and welcome to you all!! I promise to get around to searching out your blogs while on vacation in July. Some of you do not have a blog or I cannot find it. If any of you want me to come over and say hello just drop a link into my comments section and I will be able to find you much more easily. I even promise to leave a comment for ya.

2. David's vacation starts next week while I teach my workshop. That means he will be in charge of packing...Im breaking out in a sweat as I type.

3. Oh..did you catch that little hint up there? David's passport is still missing. In the time it went off in Feb. it expired, it was rejected (partially his mistake and partially theirs). He reapplied with an expedited fee. Still no passport. Part of his job next week will be to go downtown and see if there is an embassy rep. he can talk to about finding the damn thing. Right now if the passport has still not arrived Grace and I are going alone and David will follow when it does. We cannot afford to pay three changed flight fees but could swing one.

4. I had a freakish vomiting episode today. These meds have given me some issues with dizziness. This dizzyness happens when I get up rather quickly or move after standing or have food issues. So anyway...I was standing at a workshop and had chased a large frappacino with half a bagel (chewed quite well and has not been a problem in ages). About an hour later still standing at the back of the room and leaning against one of the table I had a surge of stomach pain (not normal stuck or pb messaging). I have had this pain before. A long time ago when I was doing my exams for my Ph.D. and had major stress issues I suffered from it fairly often. I went into my semi-biofeedback mode that I sorted out during this period (after drugs and all kinds of other doctory stuff didn't work) but it didn't help this time. Finally the message made its way through my foggy brain that I had better go looking for a toilet because stuff was going to make a reappearance. I walked out of the room and down the hall but in my increased anxiety I could only find the men's room. This huge wave of dizziness came over me and it was either slide down the wall and have a sit or fall so I sat on the floor for a few minutes (if any of the students looked out the door they saw me...feeling like a major idiot). After the dizziness passed I turned around and looked at the door behind guessed it...the girl's bathroom. I got up went in and tossed up a bit of coffee and a bit of bagel (quite forcefully) and felt perfectly fine after (toooo weird).

5. I skipped solids for the rest of the afternoon and tried to drink a bit here and there. It all seems OK but my stomach is definitely a bit tender after the episode. David took us out to his favorite Japanese place for dinner I tasted a bit here and there but took it easy on my poor stomach.

6. I think we may have found a house we like. We really like living in this neighborhood. It is walking distance to shops and coffee and parks and we have gotten quite comfortable with it all. At this point living small is the direction we might take. It is also quite close to light rail for me to go to work on and close to David's work.

7. UK people. I can totally get to the mall in Bristol(we go to John Lewis each time I come over and would have gone whether we had a meet up or not). if the rest want to arrange a meet up in London or someplace let me know. I don't drive when I am there but get driven :) and we will rent a car for sure (without my sitting behind the funky wrong side of the car wheel) :) I tried once...scared the beejeebies out of me.

8. Note the ticker..I am losing weight like crazy. I like it but it is kind of weird given the weight gain and open-feeling I had over the last few months. I haven't canceled my appointment yet with the surgeon's office but I guess tomorrow I will do so. I guess I should see my regular gal instead and ask her about the dizziness?

I guess that is enough for now...Happy first day of SUMMER!!! Long may it last.



Andrea Brooks said...

I'm one of your new followers! :)

Lyla said...

I hope David has his passport cleared up by Iceland :)

Alison said...

Really looking forward to meeting you next month!
Think that we said the 8th of July in London but I saw that you were in Chelmsford for a few days, I live fairly near Chelmsford so can meet you there if it suits you better.

Stephanie said...

Yea! for losing weight like crazy...That is awesome!!!