Thursday, June 23, 2011

B12 webpage and top 50 blogs?

I just went to look at the top 50 weightloss blogs some of you you have been mentioned on.

I was hoping that the webpage would be a good one but did note that someone mentioned that the webpage looked somewhat anti-weightloss surgery while still listing these blogs. I was not impressed.

1. The title does not match anything in the article. All of the listed side-effects (except maybe the respiratory and post surgical infection ones) had nothing to do with lapbad surgical complications.

2. I am also suspicious of the webpage itself-it appears to be a b-12 webpage. Isn't B-12 a supplement needed by gastric bypass patients and not usually lapbanders.

3. I am a little concerned that liberal use of blog headers were sprinkled all over the page. Did they ask you bloggers to be allowed to do that? As the reference to your blog is there I supposed it is Ok but I think I would be asked to be taken off it (thankfully I am not on it) as it doesn't seem to be a very good place.

4. I will, however go look at everyone's blog as I might find some fun new ones :)



Amanda said...

well thank you for looking into it! I didn't even go to the site and I deleted the email. To bogus in my opinion!

Ronnie said...

They e-mailed me about it, and I was NOT happy when I opened it (I thought they seemed anti WLS, too). I wonder how we could get off of this?!

Maria said...

I had the same thoughts when I saw that page. A little shady!

Dawnya said...

I was never contacted. However, my blog is on the page. It is very anti-weightloss through WLS. I did find some new blogs through it.

Lonicera said...

I had a quick look, and I’m quite glad mine isn’t on it. I wonder where they got them from.

By the way, you’ve been nominated for a blog award. Don’t worry if what with your impending departure and all, you don’t have time to deal with it. I’ve suggested in my latest post where I’ve thanked Debi, that having to nominate so many other people might be a bit discouraging, and I’ve just nominated you and no one else since you're my most inspiring bandit blogger. I also changed the colour of the award and listed 20 negative things instead of 10 positive ones, so I’ve broken a lot of rules...

Oh well – I enjoyed it!


Stephanie said...

I'm a big proponent of B-12 and no, it is not just for Gastric Bypass patients. Even lap banders fail to get in all the required daily does of our vitamins and when it comes to workng out, I have found that the b-12 definitley helps my energy levels and it is a good, healthy way to start my day without a crash later in the day. I've written about it on my blog and even have a link to the b-12 supplements I use. My surgeon also recommended it to me.

Alison said...

They didn't ask my permission, it's all really strange.

Regarding your visit, I'm happy to still meet in London, it's no problem for me at all, just wondered if Chelmsford on a different day might work out better for you.