Monday, July 4, 2011

Such News: From Iceland

So when I left off my teaching week had begun. It turned out we had a wonderful time even though I was stressed out to the max over David's passport and standing up in front of the room and keeping them excited and occupied everyday for 8 hours. My teaching partner and I did an excellent job if I do say so myself (and thankfully our students agree). We integrated geometry, measurement and various physics topics quite easily and smoothly. This math/science integration thing has taken up many meeting at the university and this is our first try at really doing it.

On Thursday much to our surprise Davids passport showed up on our doorstep without any warning. The embassy never called back and when he called them they just kept repeating that the embassy would call (it was very strange but in a good sort of way). David did hear back from his childhood MP who promised to look into the issue but this was on the same day as the passport arrived and I am sure he cannot work that quickly :)

We flew to Iceland on Saturday arriving Sunday morning at 6am. although we had great hopes that we would travel to our rented apartment and lay down for a nap...nope. We could not check in until 2pm. Iceland is a party town. On Sunday morning at 8am when we hit the streets there were broken bottles and glasses all over the place and weaving people still wandering around. We walked back and forth until a bakery opened (phew) and sat for some DELICIOUS baked goods and tea for me. David came up with a smart plan to take a bus tour of town so we splashed out some cash and drove around Reykjavik twice. The first time we stayed awake and the second we stopped at the history museum and then napped back to the center of town. Thankfully by this time our beds were ready and we checked in. We fell into bed and did not leave for 12 hours.

In the middle of the night we all woke up at various points. David took a walk first then Grace woke up wanting food (thus waking me up twice). I thoughtfully brought nuts and fruit to keep myself fed between meals. Grace ate some. I had a few later in the morning (4am) and then tried to go back to sleep...not such a good idea with food in the pouch. I had reflux but the bed in this place is one of those adjustable ones and I could lift up the back so that I was sitting!!!

We woke again at 2pm Iceland time and went for lunch. We found a great restaurant and were all happy with our delicious meal. We then did some shopping, It is very expensive here!! The Krona is .009 cents on the dollar but stuff is inflated. It is also freaking cold! I brought one pair of jeans and they are going to be standing up on their own by the time I get to a washing machine. Stupidly we did not even think of coats. I brought a couple of sweaters and Grace a sweat-jacket. David did not even bring that. We bought Icelandic made gear for a small fortune but we do at least like them enough to wear them at home this winter.

We went on a bus tour this evening up to a large lake, some geyers and a huge waterfall that were all very impressive. We were grateful for the warm clothing. It was still daylight when we walked in the apartment door at midnight!

I will upload pictures when I get them off the camera.

We will arrive in London on Wednesday late. Tentative plans are to meet up with some on the 8th. does anyone have any ideas? Is there a good pub somewhere? Is Paddington the best station for all or will you all come into different stations? Email me (I have some but I will put a combined list together this time) and we can sort it out.



Andrea said...

Sounds fun! Looking forward to seeing some pictures!

Lonicera said...

And now you're having to lug about all that winter clothing... It's pretty warm here at the moment, but weather is set to turn wet tonight I'm afraid.

Lyla said...

Wow, that passport came in the nick of time! I'm happy to hear that. It must take a lot out of you to travel that far, but how awesome that you get to hang out in Iceland for a while. I hope you have a lovely vacation. I myself am busy grading finals right now from my summer session and then I'll be heading out to the Carribean.

Justawallflower said...

Wow, so happy that the passport came in time! nothing like sweating it til the last minute! Have a blast! Can't wait to see pictures.

Sandy Lee said...

Have a great time. Can't wait for pictures.

film Girl said...

Enjoy your trip! I can't wait to see photos...