Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh What a Day-with Boobs and NSV :)

I have three things to talk about today. I had a post all but written in my head when voila the day just kept growing and growing :)

1. I met up with Caroline and Justine at the Mall in Cribbs Causeway today. We had a nice chat about blogs, about our bands, about the UK and Boobs in Chicago. Both ladies look FAB! Both ladies are very nice :) and I always worry that I will not recognize them even though I have looked at their pictures a million times and in all of my meet-ups so far I have yet to have a failure on that score. I recognized Caroline right as she was standing outside M and S when I arrived. Justine was organized and arrived for some pre-meeting shopping :)
we did a Starbucks run (of which I was very grateful!). We had a nice-as my husband would say-knatter for a couple of hours.

From left to right: Justine, Me, and Caroline.

After I left the UK-mini-boob meet up David, His Mum, Grace and I went down to the Bristol Quay (or I think that is what it is called) and took a couple of ferry boat rides having a look at some wooden sailing ships, barges and general warm day fun being had by all of the Bristolians and vacationers. (it was really kind of chilly but apparently a bit of sunshine is all it takes for young men to remove their shirts and children to cavort in fountains here :)).

We drove back to David's mums and debated dinner (yesterday we had bouts of food poisoning and food was the furthest thing from our minds). We arrived home around 6:30 and discussed popping out to the grocery store for bread and is Sunday and it is after 5...both mean that all big stores are closed in the UK. All of the grocery stores advertise that they are open 24 hours but that is a little misleading. Apparently it is against the law in the UK to be open for more than 4-5 hours on a Sunday if you are a big store. According to David this is a law enforced to insure that small mom and pop corner grocery stores stay in business (who knows if this is an actual fact :)). Any how...this brings me to the NSF finally-We walked down the considerable steep hill that David's mum lives on to the corner shop. This hill has been the bane of my fat existence since I married him and visited here for the first time. He walked the mile or so to the village on this hill his whole life. I came and walked down it to the village and then almost died trying to climb back up it to his house when I was at my heaviest. I took the hill on two years ago after having kicked off 40 pounds or so last time i visited but this goal...tonight...I took on that wimpy ass hill and I kicked its ass. I walked down to the corner shop. I bought a small bag of cheese and onion crisps and I ate them while I talked to David and powered up what now feels like a wimpy little hill...My exact thoughts at the time were as I approached the top...Take that you pissy little hill. Not only can I walk up you but I could have run and I also could have ridden my bike up...I kind of feel like a male dog near a fire-hydrant :)

and finally the third thing (sorry that last bit was a little long-winded). While drinking our coffee Caroline and Justine told me that I could spy on my blog stats and see who were my top visitors and what countries my readers were coming from and what my most popular blog posts were...I am a dork and supposed to be somewhat tech savvy but I have never known I could do that and never took the time to click on the perfectly obvious stats index at the top of my page. Well I came right home and clicked. As Caroline and Justine suggested that all of those porn or boob related tags result in the most traffic I was not surprised to see that my boobs and skin skin and boobs was the most popular blog post. Any way..thanks you frequent readers I now can ID you :) and more people from Indonesia read my blog than the UK (kind of a surprise).

More pictures:

I love taking pictures of David his mum and Grace walking away near each other. They walk in very similar ways and it is cute.

Grace and the stones of Avebury (much better than Stonehenge because you actually get to walk near the circle of stones and they spread out for acres).

A cool shadow picture of Grace and I while in London. I took this on the same day I was drenched and freezing. In the afternoon the sun came out and I snapped this picture with my phone. Technology and London weather are both amazing.


Cece said...

great photo ! all 3 beauties !

Lonicera said...

It was lovely to meet you Tina, and Justine. Do hope it can be repeated. I actually didn't think about chocolate all day!!

Alison said...

Glad that you're having a great time.
Shame that the weather has been so poor, think that it's meant to be better this week.

The next few weeks are tricky for me as the kids are off school. I might be able to get in to London during the week starting the 22nd but can't be certain, sorry!

Rachel said...

I think its wonderful that you have built up your endurance so much...and its wonderful that you are enjoying your vacation...You look great...your face continues to get more defined and radiant!

Andrea said...

How fun! We had a BOOBS meetup in Dallas yesterday. It's so great to get together!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just saw your feature on Boobs and stopped over to check out your Blog. I love, love, love the banner at the top.
So that is what Stats means?? Who knew?
I am going to start following you.