Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wednesday and Saturday are party nights in Iceland

It is 1am. It is still daylight. I can hear them raising a fuss. David is snoring. Grace is tossing and turning. I am in the dark typing noisily on my computer.

PDD--public displays of drunkeness. I have seen it here.

We rented a car today and drove out to some bubbling geothermal pots. We hiked up to a lighthouse with a view across the Atlantic. We then booked Grace for a horse ride and had lunch in a suburb of Reykjavik. We found a fake Starbucks (very similar logo). The food was better the coffee..not so much :(.

Grace had her horse ride and then we drove out to a black sand beach on gravel and bumpy roads. We hiked across lava beds and the coolest lava rocks rounded by the sea. We hiked out to some old abandoned fisherman's huts from the 1850's and on our way back found some very nifty shells.

We had dinner at a fishing village pub (fresh sole and chips) and then came back to our apartment. This town is hopping right now.

I am sitting up typing this hoping my meal goes through soon so I can sleep :)


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I e-mailed you about Friday, not sure if you got it. Will e-mail you again with my mobile phone number, my e-mail address is alisonneville906@hotmail.com