Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who Knew!

So guess freaking what...(picture me hitting my forehead with my hand right now).  Changing just one thing is the BEST strategy on the Flipping planet..and it was equally good when I came up with it..oh 4 freaking years ago.  Now what the heck happened between last year and this year when I totally forgot the plot is unknown.  Apparently I have been suffering from some sort of idiocy induced amnesia!!!

Guess what?  When you do ONE thing to change what you have been doing it is DOABLE.  picture me knocking my head against some door jam somewhere (now perhaps this is why I forgot my mantra last year but hey..maybe if I knock my head against door jams enough times I will lodge the stupid idea into my brain permanently .  Today I rolled my sorry arse out of bed at 8am.  I purchases a small coffee (yes still have that habit and didn't change it -except for the smaller size).  I then rolled past the house at 9am with Cinda (Daughter number 3).  We walked the 4 mile loop around my new FLAT neighborhood.  I arrived back just in time to change my clothes and open the door of the store.

and Lo and behold...I had good circulation in my feet (no swelling).  I wasn't really hungry today AT ALL!  just ate a little lunch and didnt go rooting around for snacks.  and I feel good.  Of course I am tired but heck it is after 11pm.  I cannot wait to get on it again tomorrow (tomorrow is school day so we will talk the max and walk to Graces school).  wahhooooooooo

I cannot wait to see if the scale agrees with me in the morning :)



Lonicera said...

I forgot you sometimes do logjam posts and I still hadn't commented to congratulate you on your previous post and how you've changed your life around, and best of all, that you're still at it, and will not let it slip (well seriously anyway). I do believe you that very early morning looooong walks are probably more effective at helping you lose weight, but I'd truly need a stick tied to my head with a Mars bar on the end of it to do any walking whatsoever at that time of day, and I'd be cranky as hell I'm afraid... The old photos don't just show the transformation - they prove that pink really is your colour.
John and I have no anniversary but boy does he have to make up for it on my birthday.

Jen said...

Great job Tina!! And hey, you are not alone, I too suffer from idiocy induced amnesia! Admitting it is half the battle right?

We are going to miss your happy face in Chicago this year. But I'm so happy that your store is busy and you are following your dream. You are such an amazing person. So glad to have met you last year.

Chris said...

Woo hoo!! One of my favorite times of my day is my 1-mile walk to the trolley to get to work. I'm at the point now where I need a flashlight (boo, end of summer!) but it's so mind-clearing and body-awakening that I love it!