Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post Christmas Weight Gain

Wowza a little unfill has been fun but as with all things fun there is a price to be paid. I have been able to eat much more than I could at the .2 tighter fill level. I am pretty sure this is a good thing. I know I feel a whole lot better. I am definitely feeling ahead of where I was last year at this time.

Good stuff: I can eat meals out without mentally getting a fix on where the bathroom is and carefully thinking through whether I will be able to drink the water or have a drink before my meal. I still have to stop eating at the designated 1/2 cup but I can take things slowly and have a little wiggle room with a bite or two above that level. I can eat steak again!!! I can eat fruit and vegetables much more easily.

Not Good: I have not changed some of my more calorific habits-like the big frappacino and some of the desserts that I was able to slip past my band and get away with because of the only little amounts of meals. It is Christmas time and there are many sweets to choose from and misbehave with. I have gained back up to 167. I can feel this weight gain in my jeans.

The plan: The good far outweighs the not good. I am going to roll with this and improve my actions in the new year. The game plan is to hit David's diet plan hard. His plan is really not far off the band rules really. high protein, fruits and vegetables. Avoiding grain and grain products and sugar. I still have a few more days of fun and I am going to enjoy them to the fullest before I cut down on my precious peppermint syrup. I think I will be allowed the sugar free version if I can stand it.

So how has your eating been over the holidays? What are your plans for the New Year? Where are you in this weight loss journey. For so long my year end reflections of past were rarely ever realized and now I make steady progress that can be marked from year to year. I am sure the band is deserves part of the credit but I think this blog, the blog community support and a readjustment of my thinking all contribute.

Happy almost New Year everyone!



Darlin1 said...

Happy New Year Tina.....sounds like great plan!

Lonicera said...

Surprisingly, I'm having a much better Xmas foodwise than usual. This is because in my job there's a shop far too near the office where I can buy milky drinks, chocolates and biscuits, and I give in too often. Here at home the shops have been shut, the shopping was all done in advance, and I certainly won't ask John to get me Minstrels. So I've been good because I had no option, and admit I feel better for it, particularly as I'm not having the daily walk which I get at work. However.... I'm sleeping too much, and it's going to be AGONY to go back to work next Tuesday.
Have a Happy New Year Tina!!

Cece said...

I like the plan ... I'm a little envious of being able to stop at 1/2 cup. Mentally, I am no where near there ... Happy New Year, Tina !