Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 2 Post unfill-

I forgot to weight myself this morning (Oh I sliding down the slippery slope already?). :)..

I had my morning coffee and pills went down a treat as they did yesterday.

I lunched on a cheese box from Starbucks at 2:00 pm. I ate all of the cheese, three of the crackers and one apple slice. I saved one cracker, the almonds, cranberries and remaining apple slices for later. I ate them at around 4pm.

When my at around 5:30 I had two bites of a fresh carrot and two big bites of a tasty apple. These tasted so good.

For dinner-we were at Costco. I had a couple of samples and 1/2 a hotdog.

Evening-A skim peppermint mocha frap.

Ok...I'm still kind of hungry. I think I might have to start thinking more about bulk foods again. The fruit and veg was great. The hotdog not so much. I am still enjoying the ease in which I can get my pills and food down but I am worried about the ease in which I can get FOOD down :)

So far OK...


My uncle is still in the hospital and had another drain tube but in today. Two weeks ago they moved him out of ICU onto a regular ward. The problem is we got too used to the on the spot care he received in ICU. The standards are MUCH lower where he is now. My aunt is killing herself doing so much of the work the nurses should be doing. The physical therapists only come in sporadically and no one bathes him except my aunt. Last night his feeding tube ran empty for ages and we finally had to tell them it was empty. I am not sure if the problem is that the nurses are overworked with 4 patients to one nurse or if they are just not managed well or what.

We have been told he will be moved to a rehabilitation facility and we went and checked it out the other day. One of the nurse managers explained their rehab organization and plan to us and showed us around the facility. She was very nice and the place was pretty impressive. It does mean that she will be further away from my house but still a reasonable distance.

The Never Closing House:

The paperwork is going but the bank says that we have to start from scratch on our loan again and things will not close for 30 days. I guess we can go get a tree and decorate here. We will be in the rental for christmas. I did walk through it again yesterday. It is still what I want to live in. I love it and can't wait to get the move going.


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Sam said...

Good luck with your un-fill, you are doing well so far. And I hope your uncle can be moved to the fascility soon so that he can get better care.

And good luck with the house too. Gosh you have a lot going on at the moment :o)