Saturday, December 8, 2007

No word yet and what is with the glasses industry these days?

well its been more than a week since I completed my final test. I haven't heard from the doctors office yet. I will call on Monday and see what is going on. I'm sure there is some sort of Murphy's law curse on my head and they will have lost all the records or spilled barium on them or something.

Off topic but highly interesting in a What the F*** kind of way. I went to the eye doctor today because it is time and because my eyes are killing me at the end of the day. Anyway she changed my prescription and I went out to the opticians part of the office to pick out some glasses etc Well I did. They were kind of expensive but I asked the optician (AKA shark) how much my insurance covered and she said something like 250. The frames were 300 so ok not so bad right? Ill pay the difference. When it was all done she billed me 600 dollars for a freaking pair of glasses and that was after applying the insurance coverage. I have never had to pay more than hmm 125 over the insurance and that was for a pretty nice designer set of frames. I am not going to spend as much as it costs to buy a new couch on a stinking pair of glasses! Who pays that kind of money? I called my parents who have no eye insurance and also wear bifocals (yes I am old and need granny glasses) and asked them how much they paid at Costco for theirs. Their bill was 240 and they had scratch coats, included the exam, high index plastic and progressive bifocals. Well sheesh-why the heck are we paying for eye insurance if we can spend 1/3 the money without the stupid insurance.

I am not a happy camper and I am hoping that somehow the woman screwed up big time-1100 dollars before the insurance was applies 600 after. arghghghg there is no way im paying that.

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