Saturday, December 22, 2007

arrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh and not of the pirate variety

So I finally get a message from the psychologist who was supposed to write my evaluation for weight loss surgery. It has been about a month since I went to the second of two visits to her office. She acted like she was going to get on the evaluative report right away but I was WRONG with capital letters. Apparently since the hospital is not scheduling any more surgeries until February (according to her message) she finds it unnecessary to write my report until the new year. Now call me CRAZY but the way i look at it. If they under high demand and cannot fit anyone in until February that means that my psych report should get in there as early as possible so that I can get into the queue as quickly as possible. I want to be ready the first part of Feb not F***ing March!!!!

On a good note we got really cheap tickets to visit Madrid for spring break. One of my older daughters will be studying there for a semester. I think it will be fun! I was hoping to go a bit slimmer but at this rate Ill be on liquids if im lucky-and likely have to go to Spain for one last fling before I get to have the surgery. arghghghghghghghghg


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Bunny said...

Hey Tina, arent Opticians a pain the bum! I have a nightmare with glasses too and I always get them abroad now. I got my last pair from Latvia, and including eye test, new frames, anti-scratch and all that junk, they cost me £12 ($24)!!!!

I dotn understand how they can charge so much in the UK/US.

Go Costco! Sadly we dont have cheap option here in the UK.

Also, looking forward to hearing about your surgery date... I guess thats all you are awaiting now. I am so excited for you.