Monday, January 21, 2008

Holding Pattern With Vacation on the Side

Still on a holding pattern. I called the doctors office four times over the last few weeks and every time I have been told that either my psych evaluation isn't in yet or the fax was broken, it is with the nurse practic., or it is in one of two big piles on the scheduler's desk. She has not gotten to it, she has been on and so on. I was dreaming when i thought i would get this band in 6 months (the surgeon said 4). I will be lucky if i get it before spring term starts.

So if i had only 4-6 months to eat every food that might be my last good meal I think i would have been ok but with so much longer looming I am going to need to watch it and dare i say it.....Diet!! i have gained weight. The other day when my newly washed jeans i found they were very uncomfortable i got on the scale for the first time in a long time. It was not pretty-I put on 18 pounds and was quickly approaching that big 300 number that i never ever want to see on a scale again! Needless to say i have been on the straight and arrow since then. It must have been quite a bit of water weight because Ive already taken off 10 of those pounds. I am going to try and continue to behave myself (except for the occasional bit of drinking fun while on my upcoming trips-more later). Hopefully i can get back down to 282 (what i weighed at my first visit to the doctors office).

Vacations: My husband is in snowy finland this week and I am leaving on Wednesday to Tulsa, OK for a work conference. My parents are coming to babysit my 6 and 18 year old. No your right the 18 year old doesnt need a babysitter-but the 6 year old does in a big way! I wish I were going to Finland-sounds much more interesting. The conference is good though-lots of good presentations evening "meetings in the bar". Hopefully i can even do a bit of networking for a job next year.

DH is back on Saturday and so am I. we get to throw our laundry in the machines and repack to go to HAWAII!!!! yay hoorayyyy
DH has been gone way too much over the last couple of months and we are all suffering from the winter blahs. My 18 year old daughter and I are planning on staying pool side and on the beach as much as possible. I will try and catch up on some work but really focus on R and R if I can!

the bathroom remodel: we finally grouted and put the fixtures back up in the bathroom. I am waiting for a mirror and towel shelf over the toilet. I promise i will upload pics when it is done.

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Bunny said...

Hey Tina!
Hold in there honey. Its frustrating, and I know from a lot of freinds in the US that its the norm. Just keep bugging the crap out of them. You could even offer to hand deliver it yourself for them- Hee Hee!! Maybe that will sort 'em out. I have my fingers crossed for you. You WILL get there and you will be so pleased when you get the band I promise.