Friday, December 14, 2007

Tick Tock......

The Weight loss saga

Ok well another week has come and gone. I called the doctors office and They said I was missing the Psych evaluation and a blood test. I did the blood test in their office! So she ruffled through some papers, making excuses as to how busy they were yada yada yada....She then found the blood test results. and then she actually opened my record I'm not sure how she was telling me the other information without opening my file but who knows the system right?? She confirmed that I was missing my psych evaluation.

So I called the Psychologist who was supposed to write a letter and short report to the doctors office. She acted like it was going to be quick when I was sitting in her office but..despite my message of instructions, she had not written the report. She called and left a message asking for the contact person and further instructions (instructions and a name I had given her a week before). I called her back and retold her the contact information. (You never actually talk to each other just phone tag!) ARghghghgh. Maybe next week I will have all of my tests done??


My husband went back to the eye doctor with me to see if there were any less expensive options. It turns out the lenses were the big ticket item on the bill (read below if this is vague). So we talked about my options or according to the sharks lack of choices. I felt like I as trying to buy a used car!!! Some of the statements from them were...."this is the same lense you bought last time"... "Those other places are like Pay less shoes not a quality product"..."We cant sell you a less anything that is that much cheaper"..."You aren't going to find this product cheaper anywhere else"..." They even passes me off to another salesperson!!! We left the shop and drove over to Costco. Within 20 minutes I had a perfectly nice pair of glasses for $179 and that is without my insurance paying a dime!!!! I sure hope this is a business specific problem and does not represent all of the glasses industry!

Bathroom Remodel

We gutted the main bathroom a few weeks ago and I have been working like a dog to get it finished. Last night I put up white subway tile on the walls. Today I am hoping to finish the rest of the room (shower stall to the ceiling and wall behind a toilet and cabinet). The toilet has been sitting in the bathtub while we put the floor tile in...I cant wait to get it online again so I can get the kids out of my bathroom!!!

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