Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weird Restriction and Ikearama

OK so I went to work on wednesday and wasn't really hungry most of the day. I had some breakfast, lunch and dinner but did not eat nearly what i once would have. I ate two meals off of the leftovers over the next two days. Thursday and Friday were similar but I had some snack attacks that were probably not wise. Today....I turned down a trip to McDonalds (I know he and I are supposed to be on the break up trail) My husband wanted some late lunch after a trip to the dump. I wasn't hungry (I was so not hungry that i was willing to pass up anything on the menu!!!! ) This is a major milestone that I hope continues for me.

Now you might ask...why the dump? Well we are tearing out our old kitchen for a bit of Ikea renewal. We are attempting to take it on in halves. One half of the kitchen had a pantry, upper and lower cabinets with a large table height counter that has never worked for us. The really large counter was used as a dumping ground of papers, mail, keys, toys, you name it everything ended up there. The pantry was very useful but the space left by both of these cabinets is huge. We are going to move the ceiling up (for some reason the builders of the house made a false ceiling very low (I guess they were thinking cosy?). I found an antique welsh dresser to house my dishes and then i figure i can move the canned goods that once lived in the pantry can now go where the dishes are living. The rest of the kitchen will be done up country kitchen-eske using one of the white cabinets they have and at Ikea and a big farm sink.

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