Monday, October 6, 2008

ARghhhhhhhhh up two pounds

Im tired and this fill sucks. I hope hope hope the next one provides me with something resembling restriction. I almost had it. It was sooo close i could taste it two weeks after my surgery but obviously swelling was playing a good role in the restriction.

I think this is hell and i am in it!!

ON a wee positive note. Im finally feeling less tired. I managed to stay up until 3 getting a load of work done. Since surgery (geez it has been about a month and a half) I have been unable to stay up past 10 or 10:30 and still could take a nap during the day. I can still nap (but I always can nap!) but I am so happy to get my late night alone time back.

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Bunny said...

Hi Honey,
4.5 is never gonna be enough in a 10cc band. it really isnt. It wont be until you get to 5 or 5.5 that you willstart noticing wierdness. I am at 7ml now (and think I could even go a little bit more but I'm not going to as I am not hungry)
I was at 4.5mls right after I had my second surgery remember, and it was only the actual surgery swelling that gave me any restriction. Ask you fill doctor why he gives you such a small amount? If you are hungry between meals, eating loads and not having pb's or HMS then you should get a ml next time. Suggest it. At the end of the day if he gives you 1ml and you can drink water right after straight down, you will be fine. Tell him you will go on fluids for a few days to watch for swelling and go right back to him if theres a problem. I am pretty sure that he will give you 1ml. It does seem that he is being overly cautious. Try some excuse like its costing you too much in time off from work or some crap... You need to keep goign back and back to get this band filled... dont wonder if you have restriction until you hit 6ml... its this time when you are going to have to be more careful. at 4.5 its not gonna be likely so dont stress yourself out wondering why you dont have it etc.

I am pretty sure that I have the right restriction now. I can eat, am not sick and do not get hungry between meals... this is ideal. If you have any one of these 3 then its time for a fill/unfill.

You will get there honey - and thats coming from ME 18 months down the track!! We will all get there, just relax. Its a frustrating time, but think of it as a healing process... you ahve the surgery and all the fills are like a 'dressing change' and every time you go you think this will be the time you dont need to go back for a 'dressing change'. Well one day it will be the last time - for Sure!

Ok, getting down off the old soap box right now.

Anyone for a slice of chocolate cake? HA HA HA.