Sunday, November 11, 2007

Slowwwww Poster

A lot has happened and not so much has happened. Since my last post I have passed (I think) three more testing hurdles in my quest to meet a real live surgeon.

Test #2-met with the Nurse Practitioner. She was very nice and thorough. The main purpose of this meeting was to document my medical history and tell me about all of the remaining tests to be completed.

Test #3-Upper GI test. This was not very fun. First I had to drink liquid poprocks (the most pleasant part of the test). I then had to swallow the foulest tasting shamrock shake :) not really a shamrock shake but very similar in its nastiness. I got to drink the magic milkshake in thick form, medium and even runny while standing up, laying down, spinning in circles etc. The technician found a haital hernia (small). I wasn't and am still not sure if this is a deal breaker but they have continued to call me for more tests so I am assuming it is not. I also popped in for some blood tests.

Test #4-Motility and acid test. All I have to say is pray you never have to do this test! They snake a tube up your nose and down your throat. I do have a pretty good gag reflex and it went into overdrive as they slide the tube down my throat while swallowing water. I puked every bit of water that went in back out again three times. After they finished the motility test they pulled the tube back out again and joy of all joys-they pushed another (although smaller) tube back in its place. They attached a computer monitoring devide and I had to wear it home (soooo beautiful and attractive!). I would highly recommend bringing someone to drive you home if you ever have to have this test (the drs office said i would be fine to drive. I could drive but I was not feeling good) It took everything I had to keep that tube in for 24 hours and click the little button everytime I ate, drank or reclined. I did it though and 24 hours later they yanked the thing out and I was tube free again.

Soooo I have only one test left-The psych evaluation. I have an appointment for Tuesday and then again the next week i believe. After this I have nothing left but to meet with the surgeon. Hopefully I have really passed the tests-If I find out that I went through the tube and they arleady knew I didnt qualify I am going to be totally mad but I am hoping against all odds that No news is good news at this point.

I will try and post again after my psych appt. on Tuesday-hmm do you think she will think Im crazy? :)

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Bunny - Follow me on the road to Bint-ness! said...

Wow Tina, this sounds pretty darn horrific! maybe all these tests are to see if you really really want the operation. I was self pay, so I didnt have any of that nasty stuff, but hey, I reckon you are gonna be completely fine! Looking forward to hearing more on your blog... People do read it so PLEASE keep at it. Its worth it in the end. Hugs