Sunday, August 17, 2014

Such a Frustrating Month

This whole illness thing is SOOO old now.  I really don't have anwers to anything more than I did before.  I am frustrated by the fact that I have two specialists who are only looking at their specialty and not looking at the big picture..which I suspect is probably more the problem.

Next week I am being fitted with a Morena.  Although the bleeding has stopped the OBGYN thinks it will solve things in a more permanent way.  I am game as I also suspect the stomach issues I am having are related.

At one point I thought the side pain might be a hernia..i called my lapband doctor had me go for a CAT scan.  They found nothing.  Of course the position they put me in guaranteed that any hernia I had in that region would not be protruding as I use that same position to get rid of the pain..lay down tip on my right hip and lift my arm above my head..exactly.

It took a full week for the lapband doctor to get back to me.  At the time I had a colonoscopy and an ugi  (I think that is what they call it anyway) scheduled.  They didnt get back to me and I had a conflicting thing at work.  I called and cancelled the appointment until I heard from them.  Well apparently my lapband doctor (although she didnt call me for a flipping week with the results) was unhappy with that action and she with no warning cancelled my fill appointment.  I found out on my online record notification!  I figure the least she could have done is get me in and turn me down.

In the mean time I called them back after I had my CAT scan results and rescheduled the UGI appointment (I am just so sick of the poking and prodding I am going to hold off on the colonoscopy until spring).  That appointment is set for the same day as my fill would have been.  Of course now too late they cancelled it..I was rather miffed at that.

Now yesterday and today..for some Unknown reason my completely empty lapband has all of a sudden found some restriction.  Who the heck knows how or why.  I am in the middle of trying to transition to a low carb diet (I have to do something!!) and last evening I ate a few mixed nuts.  I felt full for the first time since she pulled my fill.  Later in the evening I had a drink and voila..PB (first one in AGES).  Tonight my husband and I came out to the bar (while daughter was in a movie) and I had one mixed drink (low sugar) and some chicken.  I ate and drank but that has not posed a problem before now..and voila..I now have restriction and am running to the bathroom (not sure if I am stuck or pbing yet..but it is not pretty).  Thsi definitely reminds me of the old days when I was learning to navigate this thing. By the way.  I am typing this mid..whatever this thing is.

I am not sure how I feel about it..I am happy to have some restriction back but..PB and stuck?  Have I learned nothing in 5 years??


Linda said...

Sorry you are having so many issues. Hopefully they will put the pieces together soon. I remember I had a complete until a few years ago and was surprised I still had some restriction.

Trish Olson LMT said...

What's PB?

Theresa said...

Tina, it's HELL to enter middle age. I can tell you that with a nearly empty band...hormonal fluctuation is like going in bi weekly for a fill or unfill. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I've PB'd several times a day for the last week, today....I could eat my shoe! Who knows. I hope you feel better soon and get some answers. Trish...PB=Productive Burp, it's like throwing up but the food is still in your pouch when it comes up.