Monday, February 25, 2013

Long Time NO...

I am going to be missing for a few months.  I will try and pop In but can't make promises.  It is of my own doing.  I am and always have been a glutton for work.  The store is going great but not paycheck worthy great. I do have a hubby who brings home most of the bacon but I have my own bills to pay and a Community College that is very kind, and likes me.  I called about Spring term to pick up a class.  They asked for Winter and Spring..I said yes.  So this is what I have been doing for the last few months.

1.  Mon, Wed. -Take Grace to school do paper work while she is in classes.  Home at 1pm finish grading or clean house.  4:30 pm  Drive Grace to Riding carry on to Community College to teach Math until 9pm.
2.  Tuesday-Store is open from 10-9pm.  I host crafty group in the morning, tutor a high school student for an hour then teach a class in the customer thing and paperwork in between.  I host the crafty group in the evening
3.  Thursday-Store open from 10-9pm.  Customers and shop work until afternoon, tutor a student for an hour, host craft group in the evening.
4. Friday: open from 10am-6.  One Friday host a craft group, one-3 others be on hand while another teacher conducts a workshop.
5.  Saturday-open from 10-6  mostly just customers and paperwork. Sometimes student tutoring. I do try to spend time just knitting or spinning while open.  About 2 of the  Saturdays there is a class offered.
6. Sunday-open from 10-2.  Just customers and paperwork.  phew.  I try to spin if I can.

I also fit in another consulting job when I can here and there-usually during paperwork times or when I don't have much to grade on Monday and Wednesdays for the math class...

Guess what I went and did for Spring??

The community college wants me to teach 2 classes.  I said yes..I am going to save my pennies and take summer off.  obviously something had to give.  I picked housework and blogging here..sorry :(.  If it helps I haven't been reading here or any novels either.  I am after all saving for a trip to the UK this August/Sept.

The reason I popped back in with this sad stupid story that I probably already told you is...I had a blog worthy event happen today.

1.  I have given up Starbucks frapps again.  On day two with success.  I am feeling OK actually and guess what..the scale is moving down pretty fast.  1 day 1 pound..can't beat that!!  The #$@%$$# company sent me a free freaking drink though as soon as I got through my first 24 hours.   Starbucks is evil I tell you.

2.  Grace talked me into going to our local Asian grocery store last week.  I tasted a bubble tea and decided to have one today as my lunch (I had a late breakfast with food!!! not Starbucks)..anyhow  I slowly drank the stupid big thing over the next few hours.  The tapioca pearls are fascinatingly scary.  Those suckers are big..I carefully sucked up each one and chewed it.  I got full..they slipped through the old band slowly.  Then Grace made me laugh..she positioned one like a rotten tooth and smiled at me...glup..I swallowed one unchewed..eek.  I waited and it was ok...waited some I stayed full a long time after that bubble tea.  It was starting to move on at about 5pm on my way to work (yup I started drinking it around 12:30pm).  I decided to stop for a hot latte (yes at Starbucks but it wasn't a frapp damnit!!) and I didn't put any real sugar in it just that fake crap.  So I sipped my coffee because I know sometimes a hot drink will help to move the food (If I am very careful and have waited long enough)..All seemed OK and I burped..etc.  so I sipped a bit more here and there for the next hour at the community college while I did my office hour.  Class started...I started to talk about the topic (roots if you are interested)...and..suddenly the saliva started..and I had to say to my class...

um sorry had some bubble tea for lunch and it isn't agreeing....then I put some problems on the board and ....ran for it.  A latte and tapioca comes up quite easily :)..I then went back to teaching.   Just a touch embarrassing but I think I handled it quite well (gah..this used to be one of my biggest fears!!).

The only comment a student made was...Oh..I like bubble tea.

I am feeling good about this no frapp thing.  Day 3 here I come.



Ms. M said...

Wow! You are definitely a busy lady! I'm going to have to find time to pop into your shop the next time I'm down there. :)

Jen said...

Hi Tina! I need to get in touch with you, can you please e-mail me: chachastella at gmail dot com?

Thanks!! :)