Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sloooooow Dr's Office

Well....I was wondering why it was taking so long for the bariatric office to call me and I called. I decided it wouldnt be too pushy to call and make sure all of my paperwork was in order. Well I wish I had called sooner. Despite the fact that I had requested that my records get sent from my primary care doctor it had not been done! So almost a month later I called my doctors office back and they said that I was supposed to call the records department (not what the previous person said). So although irritated as heck I filled out the request form and faxed it directly to the records department. Well this time I wasnt going to trust them. I called the records department three days later to check and guess what! They didnt know what I was talking about! They needed yet another 24 hours to figure it out. So i waited another 24 hours and the person didnt call back. I called the records department and the doctors office (with no patience left at all!) Finally i got hold of both people and they suddely caught a clue that they had messed up big time. According to the records person both written requests for records had been placed in the back of the record and then refiled-Arghghghghgghgh. On top of all of that the record was not complete (not sure what was left out) and it all needed to go back to the primary doctors office for 'added' paperwork before it could be sent. This time my primary doctors office called me when the work was completed and the envelope was on its way to the bariatric doctors office.

Now Im all about privacy and personal rights but please there should be some way to share these records in a more timely matter-even electronically. So so frustrating. My guess is that I am not supposed to start counting the 4.5 month wait until I have actually seen a doctor. Goodness knows when that will happen! at this rate it will be another year before I actually have surgery.

Man all I have done is complain-does that mean im pessimistic? I'm definitely sarcastic-I keep trying to think positive but I think im spoiled. Maybe that is a U.S. thing? It annoys me that I have to wait for the doctors office to call me instead of be proactive and me calling them.

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