Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Good Day

Today was good.  I am not sure if it was my attitude, just random good day or the new meds having a super human quick acting impact.

My doldrums yesterday may have been the result of proximal PMS.  When I complained to my dear daughter that for some reason the 'illness' had gone to my brain and I spent the morning doing the wheepy thing.  She said.."ha mom your right on schedule.  I woke up this morning with cramps."  Now I am on the final run to menopause (4 months and counting).  When I told a long time menopaus-er about this she snorted and said that just because the periods stop does not mean the emotional rollercoaster does..Geezz :).  Who holds all of these menopause secrets anyway?

I started the new medication.  a tasteless colorless ampule of liquid.  I just have a drink of water with the stuff in it.  Wait around for 20 min or so and eat or drink a meal.  I felt like I was taking a placebo really.  I have no idea if it is working but I feel good today.  Hopefully this is from the meds but the box says it can take several weeks to make a difference.

I got things done today-post office run, bank run, crochet for a pattern in the morning. :) Much more positive outlook than I had yesterday.

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