Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Just Another Day

And we come up towards the end of 2014.  Time really does fly doesn't it?  How many years has it been since I installed what my friends call this 'after market add on?"  How many years have I been a mother?  How many years since the weekend I met a bunch of crazy lap band ladies in Chicago?  How many years?

This year has been a struggle health-wise.  One of the benefits of running a yarn store is all of the ladies who come in.  They come in all shapes, forms ages and personalities and overall this diversity makes me grateful for my life.  Some are suffering some have already been through this hell that my menopause has become for me.  They are supportive and sometimes trying :) but overall wonderful to know and learn from.

I went in for another run at blood tests.  My records have all been sent to the new primary care doctor.  Fingers crossed something changes for 2015 health wise.

In the mean time I plan on re-attacking my health in the ways I do have some control over.  Eating right, vitamins, exercise.  Bring it on.



Sara said...

Hopefully the new year will bring better health and relief from the misery of menopause. It's no fun being sick, but you have obviously still been productive with your business and your family. Happy New Year!

Beth Ann said...

Hoping that all is better soon. Happy new year!

Amy W. said...

Here's to 2015. A new day and a new year.