Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Long Time No Post…Post

Hello all if anyone is still out there.  I popped into see what people were up to and most of you are still around and doing so well!!!  I have been living life in the crazy lane but it has been for the most part good.

We went to the UK over Christmas and had a good time.  I have gained another 10 pounds.  Yes..I have gotten very good at those slider foods.  I also think 50 is not being very kind to me.  OH..and did i tell you I sit on my arse and knit too much?

My daughter (number 3)  got married this weekend.  I found good clothes despite my added poundage and had a great time.  I did the flowers and my husband made her cake.  The whole time I was running around like a crazy thing helping, bussing tables and setting up decorations I could look to my band and all of this weightloss and be thankful that I had the stamina to keep going all day without needing to sit down.

Finally-Thank goodness for this blog!  I have been participating in a big research project since I got the band almost 6 years ago and a survey came in the mail today asking me about any complications that have cropped up since getting the band..well guess where all that information is stored?  You guessed it right here on this blog!

I will try to pop in for a visit more often.   If nothing else perhaps I can get back on the band-wagon and get back down before my second oldest daughter gets married in September!

Happy Spring!!



Robin Walsh said...
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Robin said...

So glad to see you Tina. I too am struggling with some extra pounds (mostly due to two foot surgeries in 14 months). Instead of a wedding in September, I have my 40th high school reunion!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Glad to see you!