Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nerd Alert..Video Gaming with Exercise???

My husband found a new game that has upped the exercise factor for our whole house.  I am shocked and awed and just downloaded the game for myself.  We put in a mile tonight.  David spend hours (yup..hours) walking around town today playing the (stupid?) game.  The game called Ingress is set up on GPS.  You pick sides (please please if you download it pick pick the enlightened team so we can play for the same team as we bandies after all have to stick together)..anyhow..the way it works:

you download this thing on your android phone.  you walk around picking up energy and finding portals.  You fight (by pointing your phone and pushing buttons) to control these portals.  Portals are nominated by players and are supposed to be interesting things to see (I like this).  There are two teams.  David and I are playing on the same one so we can work together to control portals now I am going to say this is easier than it sounds..the action part is easy..just point and click.  The taking over not so easy as a bunch of people riding around in cars, bikes an don foot are battling with you to also take control.

1.  The games gives you entertainment and gets us away form the house.
2.  The game I.D.s spots of interest in towns.  So far I have seen the tallest barber pole, the fire, library and post office in the small towns near mine,Various university buildings, a hiking trail head that I didnt know was there, pretty buildings in the park near me.
3.  We are taking our droids to Napa for Spring break..I wonder if there will be any cool portals down there?

You have to request an invitation.  I got a reply in about 3 weeks and got set up tonight.  David has put in for a portal for my i will have one on the front porch (funny eh?).

Frapp update:

I won't lie I have had a few but..the big But is..I don't crave them anymore (thank goodness).  I have some sort of drinky for breakfast still but it varies.  Sometimes a home-made protein drink, sometimes a latte, sometimes the frapp, and sometimes hot tea.

My weight:  still up and down between 177-180  (lifes a bitch on that score). Perhaps exercise will create some kind of change?  We are planning on getting out and about downtown tomorrow.

I will take photos of the strange landmarks we find.


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