Saturday, April 26, 2008

Girly troubles-EEK!

So I hope all of you readers are female-if not WARNING as this is going to involve all things feminine-periods, blood, cramps, sanitary napkins, specula? or is that speculums?. If you have already had creepy shudders just from reading this list STOP READING NOW and COME BACK FOR ANOTHER POST!

So I have tried to retain this blog for mostly lapband topics but this one is definitely encroaching on my lapband (or as I fear maybe postponing it!). A few short weeks ago right about the Suckier post I noticed that I had not had a period in quite a while. I don't really worry about being preggers as I had my tubes tied when I had my youngest daughter 6 years ago. Well....So I missed my period. When it stretched to two months I went into the doctor for a consult. Although I had never missed a period before. I am a regular (very regular) person-so this was very odd. I was frankly looking forward to no more periods so was hoping for Menopause. The doctor figured I would catch up next month. She was correct and while in Spain I "got the visit". It lasted for 3 WEEKS! I went back into the doctors. She sent me in for an ultrasound (Wow the internal ones are indignant!!). So not to worried at this point until two days later when whammo--the "the red cloud descended in force!" I was changing overflowing pads every 15 minutes for three days. I called the doctor and was quickly sent to a gyno. She decided that a uterine biopsy was required (YEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWCHHHHH)-then a blood test for blood counts and a bunch of stuff to figure out what is going on. She put me on the pill (Im really crazy hormonal on the pill).

So here is how it stands:

1. I am on the pill and things have almost stopped (sigh of relief)
2. I am cramping like crazy
3. I might have a thyroid condition, cancer, a polyp, hormonal issues etc.
4. I'm not sure that I will be allowed to have surgery on the 15th
5. I am kinda crazy-already-very short tempered. I am not looking forward to playing grandma for 10 days. I just want to stay home and sleep.

So....more later. The blood work said stat. I will call on Monday to see what the results were and get back to you.


Bunny said...

Hey un,
Geez this sounds grim. (Congrats on being a granny by the way!)I know that my freind who is 51 had this happen to her a couple of months back, and so did my mum. TB didnt have a period for about 3 months and then she would have like 1 days worth, and then nothing for another 3 months and then WHAM tidal wave and feeling like crapo. she was sent for the same thing (gyno exam and internal/blood work etc) but it came back normal. My mum had lots of times where she had no periods for like a year to 18 months and then suddenly a massive one. then nothing again for ages. Both of them never returned to being 'normal' and my mum is through and my mate are in the middle of the menopause. I hope thats all it is. I dont see why you would need to postpone the operation... One girl I know had her lapband and woke up to be told that the doctors thought she had leukemia!! OMG, but she didnt. Dont fret sweetie. I am sure all is cool.
hugs from across the pond.

Tina said...

Thanks for the positive outlook! I hope it is just menopause-I think the biggest issue is that I am only 44. Given the alternatives Ill take menopause though!